Has the balance tipped in favour of computational photography?

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Won't get fooled again

I heard exactly this argument when the iPhone 11 Pro came out. Everyone raved about the camera, they talked about the multiple lenses, the computational photography, the low light modes, etc. Apple even showed off a demo of simulated bokeh. They made it sound like we wouldn't need "real" cameras anymore.

So I bought one. And it takes. . . phone photos. Flat, over-processed, cartoony phone photos. As casual snapshots, they're Fine. For the purposes most people use their phones for, it's Fine. Can it compete with the Ricoh GR II that I carry in my vest pocket? No, not even close. And that's comparing the phone with a fixed-lens, fixed focal length pocket camera. Put it up against my Sony RX10 IV or my A7R2 and the results are even more lopsided.

I'm sure phones are continuing to improve, but after that experience they've got a lot to prove before I take all the hype seriously again.

EDIT:  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the wretched ergonomics of taking pictures with my phone.  There is much fumbling and cussing.

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