When Might Mini 3 Be Released?

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Re: When Might Mini 3 Be Released?

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A friend who had a Mini 1 and now has Mini 2 recommended waiting for Mini 3 as a first drone because it will likely have avoidance sensors not in Mini 2. I recently saw Min 2 being sold at “a large warehouse club” which to me is an indication that the manufacturer may be looking to lower inventory to make way for a new model. I also heard that competition between brands is keen and improved/additional features in Mini 3 are need to retain customers. If all this is somewhat correct, could a Mini 3 be coming in the remainder of 2021?

I doubt it will have avoidance sensors. Adding these sensors will lead to increase in size and weight making it rather similar to Air 2s.

There's speculation that the new Autel nano with be sub-249 gramme and will have 3 way obstacle avoidance. Do these sensors weigh a lot?


Additional sensors, additional wiring, additional electronics - it all adds up. And there is not much room left. As to Autel's Nano, we will know when we will see.

The Mini 2 has an actual weight of 237g, all the spec states is that it weighs less than 249g. So DJI might have a bit of leeway to add a feature or two, and perhaps shave a bit of plastic in strategic places.

I would like to see a DJI Mini 3 with some obstacle avoidance, but it is not a must. Rather look to improving the camera by adding a 1" sensor with at least 4K/60. They will need to deliver that much as Autel is now in the sub-249g game.

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