Beware of a DPR Scam !!!

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Precautions Against a DPR or Any Scam !!!

photoholiko wrote:

I am writing this to make DPR members aware of this scam.

I got an email claiming to be a DPR survey. I filled out the very short survey and they offered a watch and other items for free with just a $7 shipping charge.

Ok, I know it's too late for this time but warning bells should have gone off with this type of email and so hopefully this well publicised tip will help you and maybe others as well.

Never, ever click on links in emails until you have verified the source of the email is someone you know or have dealings with and trust.

On a side note, the same applies to email attachments.  Any nasties embedded in an attachment are harmless unless you open the attachment which releases the "nasty" to do its thing.

It is very easy for anyone who knows what they are doing to spoof emails and links within them.

But you can see the real email address or at least the mail server it came from by looking through the email's header. Different email clients will have their own way to allow you to view an email's header.

All emails are essentially just text files - either in plain text with no formatting or in HTML with formatting.

The same applies to links within emails. Many email clients will display the real destination url a link will go to and not the link's label when you hover on a link. Otherwise the email header will show where a link really goes to.

A very simplistic example. A link could be coded as this in HTML:

<a href="">Complete the survey and receive a free prize</a>

When you click the link in the email labelled "Complete the survey and receive a free prize" it will actually take you to

Emails from legitimate companies will normally contain links to web pages on their actual website.

As an extra layer of precaution, instead of clicking the link in the email go directly to the company's website using your web browser and locate the web page there.

Anyway, just some food for thought and hopefully you will get your money back this time.

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