Help an Olympus emigrant build a new system?

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Help an Olympus emigrant build a new system?

CliffsNotes: Can anyone suggest a compact Fuji body & 2/3 - prime setup? I need some weather sealing, some compactness & some brightness. Nothing above short portrait.

I’ve been using micro 4/3 since the beginning (and original 4/3 before that) primarily for street photography and travel. Until recently, there’s been nothing I’m aware of from other systems that hit these points:

  1. compact system
  2. Weather sealed
  3. IBIS
  4. Great handling and feel
  5. Tilting screen (not swivel)
  6. Quiet shutter (or e-shutter)
  7. Can shoot auto ISO in manual mode (some of my older Panasonic & Olympus bodies couldn’t do this weirdly)
  8. Lens choice

Is there a body that can replace my Olympus E-M1?

A bit of rummaging around and I think maybe the X-T4 or X-Pro3 or Sony A7iii hit most of the marks now, but I'm not 100%? This has made me look at a new system.

My Olympus and lenses have been real champs, I don’t need to upgrade, but I want to shoot with a new system as I've had this one for 10 years, so I’ve had my eye on Sony & Fuji. I’m not too bothered about sensor sizes except in occasional night shots. Smaller sensors, on balance, work for me. Maybe.

I run 2 bodies and about a dozen lenses, but I need to declutter and thought why not try a new system now that Sony and Fuji bodies seem to do what I need?

I’m looking for about 3 lenses to replace some/most of these, and I know there are probably some Olympus immigrants on this forum who know these faces:

Olympus 17mm 1.8

Voightlander 25mm 0.95

Panasonic 14mm 2.5 and converter (11mm)

Venus Laowa 7.5mm 2.0

Olympus 12-40mm 2.8

I’m not chasing ultimate image quality. My pictures are usually taken very quickly in the street and are often too technically flawed to worry about MTF charts.

I’ll need around 3 lenses. Each lens should have at least 2 of these features:

compact/ish, bright, weather sealed.

In 35mm/FF terms I need

  1. something normal wide 35-50mm
  2. something wide 24-28mm
  3. something 21mm or wider

Or thereabouts

There seems to be a tonne of Fuji & 3rd party lenses, so any ideas where to start?

I’d probably ditch the walkaround zoom unless there’s something that performs like the Olympus 12-40 that isn’t bigger.

It all needs to (hopefully) fit into a Thinktank Retrospective 4 / Tenba DNA 8 size bag. I get my 5 favourite lenses in there with my E-M1, but my new system will be around 3 lenses (to start….).

If 1 lens has manual focus and is a ‘character lens’ such as my Voightlander or Laowa, that’s ok

I buy much of my gear used, so I don’t worry about price as I can sell it in the same condition.

Any suggestions on where to start with this? I'm trying to bypass the gear the rabbit hole!

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