18% Gray code value in 16 bit Linear RAW?

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Re: 18% Gray code value in 16 bit Linear RAW?

spider-mario wrote:

If you have measured that the raw file clips at 2000% diffuse reflectance then 18% reflectance would presumably be 18/2000 of the way between the black point and the clipping point, so at “black point + (18/2000) × (maximum value − black point)”. Assuming that the full 16-bit range is used, the maximum value would be 65 535, and so the code value for 18% would be “black point + (18/2000) × (65 535 − black point)”.

Thanks for that. You put black point instead of 0 because you're assuming that code value 0 isn't necessarily black correct? If it was then it would just be 18/2000 x 65 535?

Another question(although unrelated but perhaps you could help as I'm a bit lost). When discussing Color Space Transforms, it is said that the encoded image/video is "Linearised"(I am mainly talking about video). Is this what they mean? Or is that something else entirely different?? Words like Linear, Floating Point Operations etc... start popping up. I'm mainly trying to understand what is the difference between Linear RAW shooting and Linearizing for Color Space Transforms(Very confused about this). This is all from Davinci Resolve's point of view.

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