FECA Medium Format Folding Film Camera?

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Chris DC Contributing Member • Posts: 619
FECA Medium Format Folding Film Camera?

Hi All:

I visited a neighborhood garage sale yesterday and found a black metal box marked FECA.

I was able to open the cover and found a ground glass screen and rightly surmised that it was an old folding camera I have never heard of.

Here's what I bought:

FECA C+folding camera, three film holders with case and a film holder backplate

Opened, the camera looks like this:

The business end looks thus;

I looked online and found seemingly identical cameras that carry different brand names like Zeiss Ikon and Thagee.



The camera actually seems to work fine and the bellows is light tight. I'd say excellent condition.

Anyone with an interest of knowledge if this camera, please chime in:)

Chris DC (CDC)

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