Do we get too obsessed by "real"?

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Re: I think distinguishing real and fake is important

Well put ProfHank. Notably fashion photographers have been “fixing” blemishes for magazine ads in particular since way back in the days of film. Only the naive might believe that the smooth unblemished features are naturally there.

We might also try and tell those that wear makeup that they should make its application obvious But those that care to think about know and easily accept that human society wishes this to happen and would actually complain if it stopped happening.

All photographers know and experience the fixed “photo-face” where their subject adopts this at first wave of the camera and refuse to look natural. Then complain that your image does not flatter them.

Those taught to “smile for the camera” from their childhood can retain this silly photo-grin until later in life.

I prefer to try and capture such people with candid photographs where their features are relaxed and normal. Much harder in photography where a subject is a wonderful animated person and no frozen image can replicate the inherent joie of that person. I am still working on that technique. It would be easier with video but as I have no interest in video I will have to work harder with my images as for some people their still images are more like frozen-waterfalls.

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