Another set of 10 with the EM5.3 & 12-200 kit!

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Re: Another set of 10 with the EM5.3 & 12-200 kit!

I have been following your posts about this lens with great interest! Currently I am planning to get a second used E-M1 II as part of a two-body quick-draw scheme, one body to cover roughly 12-50mm and the other to cover 50-200mm. But this 12-200mm lens costs about the same as that extra E-M1 II, and would cover the entire range of focal lengths...

I live in Japan and the reviews on Amazon Japan are rather polarized. Those by Japanese buyers are brief, and emphasize the softness beyond 150mm, and the lens generally isn't recommended optically, but as a good all-in-one travel solution. By contrast, there many lengthy reviews by Germans, who seem to be much more positive on the performance of this lens. Reading those, it seems like more of a technological achievement. Granted, nobody's recommending this over the 12-100 f/4 for image quality or anything, but the sentiment seems much more positive and excited. It could be the automatic translations, but it seems to me that the latter reviewers are testing their copies differently. Maybe they are more likely to stop down, or otherwise shoot to the advantage of this lens.

Anyway, this has thrown my plan for a loop! I thought I could just get the second body and eliminate lens swaps. But now I wonder if I could get away with this 12-200 and just one body for daytime shooting, and carry a couple of larger-aperture primes for dusk and indoors.

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