Beginner in photography eos 70D camera

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Re: Beginner in photography eos 70D camera

Draziw1 wrote:

Thanks alot for the tips, its the professor at uni that said it had to be white And dumb as i am i didnt know i could borrow everything, tripod, flash etc. Only pictures ive tried are with AV mode. But trying to read as much as I can. Do you know any decent tutorial on youtube thats beginner friendly?

And thanks again for good info!

You're welcome.

I opened and searched for "corporate headshot window light". I haven't watched any, but Peter Hurley is quite good and the others on the first page looked OK.

The Strobist's 101 - and 102 and 103 - is a great introdution to lighting in general and flash (blitz is German) in particular.

To get a fully white background you need to have more light on the background than on the subject, which will be a challenge with natural light, but not impossible. You may want to go a bit high on ISO, but 1600 should be acceptable.

You can choose a WB instead of AWB (Auto White Balance), or you can set a custom WB.

Good luck and good light.

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