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Re: Perpignan photojournalism exhibition

A few times we experience things that we forget to document in a proper way, like your fantastic trip to Perpignan! Seen a similar expo in Amsterdam, in a gigantic cathedral turned into an exhibition hall. Many horrid pictures at that time, too.

I have a train-driver friend, Jean-Pierre, whose mom was French (she passed away a long time ago — I never met her), but therefore my friend has relatives here and there in France and French-speaking parts of Switzerland.
His mother was born on the south side of the Massif Central, in a very small town whose name I've forgotten (it was over 40 years ago now), and there were still relatives there. A cousin who was raised in Perpignan, travelled with us to Bern, where she lives normally.

She had visited some relatives in Sweden and tagged along with us on the way south, so we went both to Perpignan and Bern, on our little New Year's trip through Europe.

We passed the Swiss border at midnight new year's Eve exactly, and the Customs were surly, and very thorough. But as they noticed that one in the WV bus was Swiss things got much smoother. The Custom guys immediately switched to smiles and Switzerdutch and greeted their lost daughter welcome back home. We dropped her off in Zürich, to stay with her parents and siblings for a few days. And we did a tour around town the next day, and visited the famous castle.
Then we collected some inherited furniture, hundreds of years old, in that little town I mentioned before, went to Perpignan, visited the aunt, stayed a day or two, before heading towards Zürich and pick up the girl. I must say I love Perpignan!
In addition to all that (and that the house next door to our hotel in Strasbourg burned down during the night) we had snow chaos in the Alps, cars skidding this way and that way, and we had the densest fog I ever have encountered on the way back to the ferry in Kiel, but it was the pedal to the metal or we'd miss the connection (Crazy, but we were young). 
Eventually, we were home but now we had problems with the Customs (took many hours before they let us go, they even partly disassembled the bus, they even called in detectives, and so on. Very weird as none of us used or smoked anything.

Come to think about it they didn't ask a thing about the very old furniture, by the way. Probably should have been taxed, as we were then not part of the EU)! 
What we do when we are young (like driving almost over 20 hours in a row), and how amazing it would have been to have proper photo documentation of it all. Alas, I think all has been lost through the years of staying alive!

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