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Re: back button focusing query

Tomlittle22 wrote:

Hi All, using an R5, setting up back button focussing I find that if I set shutter butt. half press to metering start, it still autofocuses. The back button autofocus customisations still work fine also. What this means is that I always have three focussing modes at my disposal, so that's great. It just makes me curious when people describe how to set up back button focusing: they always say setting to metering start (or metering lock) removes autofocus from the shutter button- this seems not to be the case. Can someone confirm this? It also means there is very little difference between shutter butt. half press set to metering start or set to metering/AF start. Am I missing something?

Just a further note on the difference between shutter butt. half press set to metering start versus set to metering/AF start. If in metering start, I cannot use Q to set the shutter button to face/eye detection when face/eye detection is assigned to the AF-on button. But if I set shutter butt half press to metering plus AF, I can still fully cutomise the shutter button AND the back button focusing continues to work fine.

Any thoughts appreciated

It sounds like you didn't change the Shutter Button (in the Custom Functions (orange) Menu tab 3) to be Metering Start only.

I think what you want is dual back button focus.

Jans Wegener has a great video going step by step on how to set up the R5 for back-button focus with both AI-Servo Spot focus and Eye-Tracking to both be supported with two buttons on the back of the camera (see link below).

The beauty of this setup is that you can go back and forth at will and if one is not working for you, then use the other.

I highly recommend going through this video with your camera and following it set but step while starting and stopping the video as you go.  You can, of course, change the subject matter to be people rather than animals.  I also changed the "AF Point Selection"  button (the one to the right of the * button) to be the Exposure Lock (the default function of the * button) because I never use the AF point selection and may want to exposure lock.

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