Bias in photography

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Bias in photography

Ok, here's my stir the pot contribution of the day. kidding

Just wandering what are your thoughts.

Have you ever noticed (of course you did) how art cannot be judged with fresh, bias-free eyes?

Look, here's the deal about this bias free part.

No better way than telling with 2 examples.


There's a You Tuber I love, because he's really charismatic, entertaining, and brings you along on his photo trips with videos that I really enjoy watching, and actually feel I'm there, having a nice time with him.

You go along on the ride, you fell you're right there for the adventure.

He's also an awesome storyteller.

Basically his videos are 9 out of 10 on the fun scale.

The images themselves... well... some are really excellent, some are no better than sugar coated, glorified snapshots.

Some saying they're snapshots is almost a compliment...

I was watching one of said videos with bad shots, and people on comment section are praising left and right.

That's celebrity armour for you, baby.

Once you hit that certain level, you do not produce trash anymore, ever.

Biased eyes everyone, heh?

For obvious reason, won't mention who's that photographer.


OTOH, there're guys with world class portfolios, but will never reach "that" pedestal as artists, because they just don't happen do be a timeless name that came much before.

Nigel Danson.

He's obviously a super accomplished photographer and You Tuber, far from saying he's having a hard time at all.

But what if I told you some of his shots look as good, if not better, than Adam's?

What if I told you his portfolio is on Adam's level?

You'd feel like I'm drunk.

I watched this video in awe of his portfolio:

Better yet, check his page:

It's downright every inch as timeless as what great masters have done before.

Can a guy like him ever achieve the weight of Adam's name?

He can't. He won't ever get there, no matter what.

Because he's a You Tuber, and shoots today, on modern times.

Both already rule him out of becoming timeless.

It's bias right?

Bias in the opposite way of example A, but still bias.

See what I mean?

How can you judge art, with so much bias in the way?

Time period, artists name's weight, social context, preferred media context, popularity, non-popularity, bandwagon effect, etc etc.

Would be interested to hear your thoughts.

If you can, please keep it only about photography, otherwise it's too much to discuss, no focus, and locks the thread.

Best regards,

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