sony full frame camera too much hassle compared to iphone

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Re: sony full frame camera too much hassle compared to iphone

Are you talking about panning here or just fixed video shots? This is where different cameras are still quite different. I find the Panasonic G9 IS Lock feature pretty amazing for stills, and lenses with IBIS make that very close to rock solid. It is also not to hard to pan with this camera either. I have also taken some handheld R5 footage and it is pretty good. Of course neither is tripod and video head level good. In any case, in my experience, IBIS takes video to a new level.

Honestly, for run and gun situations, I would have no problems using the Panasonic G9 handheld with its IBIS or lens VR for longer lenses.

Does the A7C have electronic stabilization in addition to physical sensor IBIS? I would also experiment with that. I have found that E.S. sometimes helps a lot and sometimes hurts a lot. For handheld but fixed camera video I find ES usually helpful but for panning it is sometimes jittery.

However, if you are walking with your camera, I don't see any way to avoid using a gimbal.

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