Moving from a7c to a7r iv - what am I missing?

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Moving from a7c to a7r iv - what am I missing?

I got A7c couple months ago and I am in love with AF-c speed and accuracy, but I miss a little bit 800+mm reach and 2x macro from my previous Olympus e-m1x based system.
When I was choosing 7c I thought I will start with most compact primes (35/2.8 and so on) but actually I preferred “medium sized still compact” 35/1.8, 85/1.8 to keep iso on lower side for action shots.
Now it’s time to choose macro and birds lenses and I have options to extend magnification with macro-rings for macro and teleconverter for birds, but for about the same price I can just swap 7c to 7r4 with, I suppose, comparable results when maxed out and resolution profit on lenses original magnification/focal range

I haven’t touch sony cameras between a7r1 and a7c, so, I may miss something, but here is what I have found:

- 7r4 buffer while shooting raw is only 30 frames vs 117 sounds disappointing taking in mind there is no “procapture” alternative in Sony world. Does this mean 7r4 really can shoot at 10fps only for 3 seconds, or shooting time is actually longer because buffer is cleared with transferring to sd cards in the same time? How long can r4 shoot with two uhs-2 cards, and is there any difference in one vs two cards (I mean can r4 write even images to card 1 and odd to card 2 like in RAID-0 arrays to increase buffer release speed)?

- 7c and 7r4 share same AF system on paper, but also 7c states higher low-light sensitivity (-4ev vs -3ev). I’m sure somebody have tested them both side to side - are they comparable for fast moving kids in average light? I am mostly interested in AF because all other specs are ok for me in most cameras for long time, but every time I miss the shot it’s af issue or my own, camera-not-related fault. I understand that there are better af options like a9 and a1, but 7c is so good that it seems like a “sweet spot” in quality/price, so I am really worrying about loosing that magic in 7r4

- better screen (r4a) but not articulating. I prefer that ball-joint style in 7c because it allows to prevent flickering in sunlight by small horizontal adjustments without moving camera itself, also it’s a joy to just close it in transporting position without worrying about braking glass

- LM-EA5 screwdriver compatibility is a huge bonus because it allows to save some money on my rarely used focal lengths like 80-200 and 135, and may also widen ultra-wide lens selection

Everything else for me seems like a draw:

- no gyro stabilization in r4. I regularly forget ND filters so fast shutter speed requirement for gyro to work ok is not a huge problem, but at the same time r4 offers a high-res mode that will make me take a small tripod with me (poor Olympus with it’s handheld hi-res … wait, it was only 50mp any way)

- better evf in r4 but I am used to rangefinder “nose-proof” position and find 7c evf also good

- larger body … larger grip, not much difference in carrying, some difference in “small tiny not dangerous amateur camera” look of 7c but is ruined even by 35/1.8 anyway. Also, small C’s grip stacks nicely with additional grips

- 61 vs 24 mp and no-AA vs AA for me not very important, I am ok with 24mp and I am not planning in grabbing huge lenses to get everything from r4 (maybe only 35/1.8 to 1.4GM update if I will find 1.8 really soft at 61), while at the same time I will be ok with 61mp also (have 24” plotter and huge HDDs), so main goal is to get 30mp @900mm from 200-600 or maybe even 15mp @1200mm and 15mp 2x macro from 50/2.8

Hope for your advices in this hard selection between two beautiful beasts

Sony a1 Sony a7 Sony a7R Sony a9
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