GR3 minimum shutter speed setting

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Re: GR3 minimum shutter speed setting

John Keiffer wrote:

TL:DR Set min to a low/slow number not high one.

I'm sure someone else will be able to explain this faster, easier, and more simply than me, but since you don't have any replies yet I'll try.

Minimum is the slowest that you would like the camera to shoot at, and maximum is the max speed would would like it to shoot at.

When you set the min to 1000, then yes, the camera shoots everything at 1000. When you set it to 100, and got all 100 shots, that is probably due to the scenes you were shooting and the settings you were using on the camera.

WIth the GRIII I would think you could set the min to probably 30 and still get good results. I don't have one, so someone else can confirm. Plus if you are using shake reduction like ibis, you could maybe go even lower.

It all depends on what you are trying to do, but also what the camera thinks you should be doing. Unless you are in complete manual mode, the camera is making decisions for you still, and usually getting them right anyway.

Thanks John,

So to clarify if I understand it right, if I set it for 1,000 it won’t open for longer than 1,000. if I set it to 125 for example, it won’t open longer than 125 (could be 150, 800, 1,000, who knows, but not longer than 125). If I set it to 1” it could be anywhere up to 1”, e.g. 1,000, 250, 30, 1”.
Is that right?

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