sony full frame camera too much hassle compared to iphone

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Re: sony full frame camera too much hassle compared to iphone

Contrasting iPhone video with that from a dedicated video camera is like comparing a Fiat 500 to a Bugatti Veyron. I've made that slight exaggeration to emphasize the point that if you are satisfied with your iPhone's video output then you are probably not ready for, or do not need a video camera.

As for "shaky video," it is not the fault of the camera but, rather, the videographer. IBIS can do just so much to calm down an unsteady camera user, and not all IBIS is of the same quality. In my personal experience, Sony's IBIS is not quite as effective as that of some other FF camera producers, and in many instances OIS (in lens optical image stabilization) has done a better job.

But the real problem is with the person operating the camera, no matter which camera is being used. And in that regard, some form of external stabilization is needed for video, the most common of which is either a monopod, a tripod, or a sturdy wall to lean against.

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