Tips for faster cycling (Speedlight SB-600)

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Re: Tips for faster cycling (Speedlight SB-600)

Dr Nick Riviera wrote:

Recently I've been shooting quite a lot indoors in sometimes rather dim conditions, mainly my toddler but also guests at my place (Nikon D7100, 17-55/2.8, f/2.8-4, 1/125, Matrix metering, SB 600 in TTL setting and bounced from the ceiling, Auto ISO ended up between 800 and 1600).

When the flash functions properly the resulting shots are perfectly lit, but unfortunately about half of my shots are underexposed because the flash did not fire at full power. Not surprisingly, this occurs more frequently when I fire sequences.

My questions are:

  • What is a realistic cycle time with a set of fresh 2500 mAh NiMH rechargeable batteries? Maybe I should just lower my expectations...
  • Anything else I could do? I really don't want to go above ISO 1600 with my D7100 and f/2.8 provides a too thin DOF when I want to have a group of people in focus.

You could use an external battery pack. Nikon sell them but I think they use AA batteries. The Godox PB960 uses Li-Ion batteries. They claim a full power recycle time of 1 second with an SB900. I've used one with a Godox TT600 which is a GN60 flash and that's about right. If you use the DB-02 Y cable you can halve the recycle time.

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