Do we get too obsessed by "real"?

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Re: Do we get too obsessed by "real"?

I think the question itself has problems on two related fronts. Firstly, it is not easy to define what 'real' is, especially when it comes to things like colour. And secondly there is such a fundamental difference in the way the camera and the human eye/brain work.

Take a waterfall as an example. A slow shutter speed gives a smooth blurred look to the water while a fast one can freeze every drop. Our eye will generally be somewhere in the middle. Which is real? All? None?

Someone else also raised the issue of B&W. Compared to our eyes, this is clearly not real and yet we would most of us balk at that.

I think the the key is the purpose. If you are taking technical images or passport photos then a level of reality (or at least 'accurate' representation) is important. Beyond that we are making pieces of art so 'reality' is irrelevant. Is the Nightwatch more 'real' than Guernica? Who cares?

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