Is it worth to upgrade 50mm 1.8 to 85mm 1.8..?

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Re: Is it worth to upgrade 50mm 1.8 to 85mm 1.8..?

Krzycho wrote:

I recently read Scott Kelby book about portrait photography where we writes that 50mm can introduce a lot of distortions for closeup portraits. But the question is: is he referring to 50mm on FF or Apsc, so then this is 25mm?

Crop factor is 1.5, so 33mm or so on aps-c for comparison.

First, remember that focal length does not introduce distortion on faces. Distance from the subject does.

A longer lens will force you to move back to get the same framing, increasing the distance from your subject and decreasing depth of field.

If you shoot a 50mm lens and a 85mm lens from the same distance, the face will look the same. Of course you will get a wider picture with the 50 mil because the angle of view is larger.

Basicly, it comes down to what kind of portraits you like to shoot and how much background you like including. The "egg head" effect happens the closer you phisically are.

If you shoot a 16mm lens from 10 meters, the face won't be distorted. But you usually want much more magnification than that for portraits, that's why longer lenses than that are recommended. How longer, depends on your preference.

I usually shoot my portraits from 55 to 70mm f2.8 with the zoom. If I had "more", and the physical room to use it (without falling off a cliff), I would use longer.

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