Color/Luminosity separation

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Re: Color/Luminosity separation

gordonpritchard wrote:

If you want to separate luminosity from color then just convert your image mode from RGB to Lab mode. Your images will still be three channels: "L" the luminosity channel, and two color channels: a and b. Select (make active) the L channel and work on it. When finished change the mode back to RGB.

Alternatively you can duplicate your image to a new layer and set that layer's blend mode to "Luminosity" Work on that layer and when finished flatten the image.

If you don't want to switch all the time and keep things non-destructive and dynamically adjustable, and you use PS, you could make the layer a Smart Object. You can open that up as an indivudual document, change it to Lab mode, and make your adjustments. When you close that, you can use the layer in your RGB document as you are used to, and you can always go back to the Smart Layer and edit the settings.

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