sony full frame camera too much hassle compared to iphone

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sony full frame camera too much hassle compared to iphone

Hi Everyone!

When i go to the big city or traveling around i like to take pics and videos with my iphone 12 pro and i thought buying a full frame camera would be nice to get the full frame look.

i bought a sony a7c as it seems to be a nice "hybrid" camera for both videos and pics. I have not been happy with the video side of things and this is where i come to all of you for help.

It looks like videos coming off the camera are very shaky and have terrible motion. i found out i need an ND filter to get motion under control so that while the camera is shooting 24p the shutter speed has to be 1/50 otherwise motion doesn't look natural. ok, now that i got that, im still having shaky videos. I am not willing to use a gimble. That leaves me with either using the camera built in stabilization or gyro data and catalyst browse. I find the ibis being ok for pictures but not so good for videos. Although i do not have a lens with OSS (would that make a big difference?).

I found out that if i want to use catalyst browse for stabilization, i need to have shutter speeds north of 1/200 for stabilization to work well. I tried that and that gives unnatural looking motion. So it seems that im stuck between choosing stable videos with high shutter speeds or shaky videos with 1/50 shutter speed.

How is it that it takes so much effort to get decent looking videos off a camera like this? where as with the iphone you just hit record and everything is ok? i never had to worry about ND filters or stabilization on the iphone.

is the only answer to decent videos on a camera like this ND filter + gimble ?

is there another way that i didnt come across?

This all just seems like so much hassle and things to carry around which i didnt want to do.


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