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Re: Program mode , when and why using it ?

Ysarex wrote:

Q-ball wrote:

How do you tell that one wheel to change the shutter speed to your ideal shutter speed without changing the aperture and vice-versa?

For example, if in your mind you know you need 1/2000s to freeze the motion in your scene, how do you tell the wheel to set shutter speed to 1/2000s?

You just turn the Program shift wheel to set that shutter speed or f/stop as you prefer. On my camera turning the wheel left speeds up the shutter and turning it right slows down the shutter.

Of course the f/stop changes at the same time -- very nice and convenient feature that.

And that is one of the reasons why P mode will on most occasions not give me the optimal exposure, as I showed with FrancoD's example, to maximise the exposure within my dof, blur and highlight preservation requirements in order to minimise visible noise.

It might choose the widest aperture that gives my dof, which I don't want to change, but the shutter speed could be way off what I need for my blur constraint.

Just do whatever suits you best. All modes will have their prose and cons.

I posted earlier where I see P mode can be useful for some photographers while explaining why I never use it.

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