Tamron 17-28mm f2.8 vs Sony 20mm f1.8

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Re: Tamron 17-28mm f2.8 vs Sony 20mm f1.8

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Have you ever tried self portraits either with the Tamron 17-28 (between 17 and 20mm) or the Sony 20mm? If you did, can you comment on the results? Tks.

I mean handheld!

We sometimes do family selfies (wife and daughter) with 28mm, camera on 17cm minitripod in my hand. Results are kind of OK, but tight. 20mm would be great and probably no need wider. Without tripod, heavy camera is hard to hold and operate for selfies.

Yes, I have tried with the 28mm and it’s really tight for me and my wife. What about distortion using the Sony 20mm f/1.8 or the Tamron 17-28mm? I have the Sony GP-VPT2BT Wireless Shooting Grip.

Distortion will vary more based on focal length than the lens. 20mm will have more than 24.

How close you shoot said FL is the key, the 20mm shot from further away won't show any more distortion than the 24mm, course if you are at a fixed (arm) distance then the wider the more distortion...

The closer to the edge that the subject is the more distortion as well, tho there'll always be a stretching of facial features with any wide angle shot that closely... That could flatter some faces, but generally it doesn't. I think people are kinda getting used to that now with phones and vlogs, etc., which is sorta bizarre.

I'm not looking down on selfies btw, heck I was taking selfies with my Canon A80 long before the word selfie was coined... Took one in the Colosseum even. My last Pixel had a second wider selfie camera that went kinda overboard most of the time, YMMV.

Yes but in a tpical wide angle shot where you fill most of the frame, wider focal lengths will show more distortion comparatively.  If you take a photo from the same spot of the same object and zoom out from 24 to 20, yes it will have the same distortion characteristic but that is not how most wide angle photos are taken.

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