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Long term predictions regarding "likes" available anywhere?

Andy Warhol's 5-minutes-of-fame many people can now achieve by posting something:

  • controversial
  • funny
  • controversial and funny
  • interesting?

Here is my question: are "likes" here to stay or will they be a thing that in the future will be considered to do more harm than good?

On what some folk might consider the "plus" side: it might help you do a Reader's Digest condensed version of "Gone with the Wind", but you might miss out on the nuances. There also seems to be a tit-for-like business going on. And some political - or strategic - voting. You want this super pro to stay on your forum, use your brand and therefore you give him/her a little love.

I am not interested (not here on this forum that is!) in the ramifications of voicing conspiracy theories, often highly controversial, therefore entertaining because of the boldness of certain claims, but interested in a photographic forum, like this one.

I have participated on a variety of fora and have on occasion noticed certain mechanics, that I truly disliked:

  • anything personal
  • responding: "who cares?"
  • responding: "google it" ...
  • mods getting a lot of love for what appears to be reasonable - but not outstanding comments. (Note: this is NOT a comment on mod's contributions but about the side-effects).

... and demi-dislike:

  • ping-pong between the usual buddies, you get 8 likes and I am one to make sure you also get 8 likes ... (like on facebook)

So my question: would this platform be better off if the "likes" were given up? This would mean that you would have to read in between the likes and actually make an effort to have a look at "this weeks pics" in detail and not only look at those who have already accumulated some numbers.

I personally am against likes as it feels to me like me visiting an art gallery and the pictures are already pre-selected for me by guiding me through the most visited rooms first.

Like McDonalds would possibly win against Le Chartier and I guess Disney possibly against the Musée Rodin.

Based on thumbs that is.


P.S.: QED by the way not my intention here! (hint: not after a "who cares" comment as hilarious as it might be )

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