H E L P ! ----- How to delete "Apple Maps"

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Re: H E L P ! ----- How to delete "Apple Maps"

Phillip Forsten wrote:

Nick on the Baltic wrote:

May be just my subjective opinion, of course:

I think the satellite imagery is clearer/more detailed

I prefer the typography, find it clearer

I find the turn-by-turn directions while driving easier to follow, and more descriptive, e.g. "stay in the left two lanes" when approaching a junction.

I would prefer it anyway, to avoid being tracked by Google.

One thing Google maps has that I miss is Street View, but I think Apple is rolling out something similar - hasn't got to my part of the world yet though.

Apple Maps has had the equivalent of street view for some time now. It just isn’t in as many places as Google yet. The last time I used it was also much better in quality of images and ease of navigating the streets.

Apple Maps does not work in offline mode in the iPhone from what I've noticed? I use Google Maps more. Apple Maps seems to work better in the US and some other major cities.

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