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Re: Color/Luminosity separation

Currantos wrote:


I've read early a general statement about more advanced workflow where one separates the color and luminosity on different layers and then works on each separately.

I've looked up a few tutorials and experimented, kind of getting inconsistent results since there are different 'luminosities'.

Anyone has helpful simple way to do it?

In that tutorial they separated luminosity and color AND did frequency separation, so there was no 'color contamination' and color stayed consistent throughout.

At that time when I read it I did not have enough PS knowledge to fully understand the details and commit it to memory, only got the vague idea. Now that I am a little further ahead in PS I'd like to recreate that workflow and I see advantages to working separately on luminosity/color.

Thanks everyone

The simplest way is: Ctrl-J twice to make two copies of your layer. Set one to color blending mode, set the other to luminosity blending mode. I'd rename them as COLOR and LUMINOSITY to make it easier to keep straight which one is which.

You can do the same thing with adjustment layers, use the appropriate adjustment layers for color and luminosity.  Set their blending modes as I described above.

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