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Re: Program mode , when and why using it ?

Tbamed wrote:

tclune wrote:

The real question seems to be, "why have a separate aperture priority and shutter priority mode in addition to program mode?"

Now, it is !?

You are misunderstanding what he meant when he stated that.

First of all, P mode is an excellent mode to use as your "walk-around" mode. P-mode (especially w/ "auto"-ISO) allows your camera to QUICKLY take a shot in (virtually) ANY lighting. So it is great for "grabbing" a quickly evolving situation.

The Aperture and Shutter-Speed, (and ISO if in "auto-ISO") are derived as per algorithms built into the firmware of the camera. They are (99%) "OK" for most situations.

However, there are times when you want/need a specific SS or A. You do have an option in P mode called P-SHIFT and you can quickly change the (combinations) of SS & A so that a specific SS or A is showing, (for that one specific shot).

That indeed may be the quickest way for (one) specific shot. But note that your preferred SS or A may not be consistent between different shots.

If you are in a shooting-situation where you want a lot of shots to be at a specific SS or A, then it is best to use either S/Tv or A "priority". Either will "lock" your preferred SS or A.

If you want total control over BOTH S/Tv and A, then you have to use Manual.

Note that you still have a choice of fixed-ISO or auto-ISO in any mode, for your choice of control.

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