imagePrograf 300 test image problems

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Petruska Veteran Member • Posts: 9,099
Agree with Ken60

I have a well calibrated NEC monitor and when I compare my Outback reference test print to what I see on my monitor that 4th green is darker green on the print than the brighter green on the monitor.  Sort of a common known fact with greens and blues.  Also you should view your print with daylight (near a window, etc.) and compare to the monitor.  Any artificial light projected on the print is going to have an impact on color rendering, especially common LED bulbs.  That Punch and Wow that you see on your monitor is just not going to happen with the prints.  As long as the strawberries are now red instead of brownish red, I believe that you are on your way to successful printing.

Good luck!

Bob P.

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