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Re: Photographers of easy virtue
  1. daleeight wrote:

Yeah, I get that people can move from brand to brand, in any industry or product...

Heck, there are people that work at GM that drive a Ford.

Used to work for one of the big American automakers and parking a competitor (especially a foreign brand) was a dangerous move for one's paint job.

But if you are an Ambassador or "presenter" of brand xyz, and go on and on in posts or videos or speaking lectures or whatever and bring up brand xyz and why you use it, love it, push it, etc... and then flip to another brand and do the same thing.... You pretty much look like a cheap used car salesman of sorts to me.

Still has a bit of that to it, but I think today's "face of product x" is becoming more and more of a free agent -- evidenced by the heavy-on him and his family content of the Canon video.

I don't think consumers think "Nikon" when they think of Steve McCurry, they think of Steve McCurry. (I think he's "representing" H-bad or Leica now).

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