Reconciling the Thick Lens Model with P2P Optical Bench

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Re: DoF estimates

Garry2306 wrote:



My general conclusion is that, the position of the front principal, relative, to the sensor, will always be closer to the sensor as you focus away from the MFD, towards infinity.

I haven't done this study but that conclusion doesn't surprise me.


BTW I can’t find a general rule for pupil mag, ie knowing the pupil mag at the MFD can we say something general about the way the pupil mag changes, higher or lower, as we focus towards infinity, ie for a retro and tele lens.

Pupil magnification can vary greatly based on lens design.

It's very rough to say that unity is more typical between 30 and 60 degrees angle of view.
Below 30 degrees will be over unity and over 60 degrees is likely to be below unity.
But the variation is so great that this generalization is of no practical value.

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