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Re: Program mode , when and why using it ?

Autonerd wrote:

Q-ball wrote:

I refer to it as "Pointless Mode" because if camera manufacturers decided for whatever reason to remove it, it would not affect me in any way at all.

So really it should be called "Pointless for David1961 Mode".

P mode should do a reasonable job without necessarily optimising the exposure (amount of light that falls on the sensor per unit area) to minimise visible noise.

I don't think that's necessarily the case. Set to P mode, my camera generally keeps ISO as low as possible (assuming I've left it on auto). So while it won't maximize exposure in the ETTR sense, it will get as much light on the sensor as possible at settings that are conservative in terms of shake and reasonably large DOF. Again, ETTR aside and assuming no tripod, I'd say the P exposure is usually within a stop or less of maximizing the light on the sensor.

Of course it has no idea what one wants for DOF or motion freeze/blur, so limits your creative control

That's why modern cameras include a shift function as part of Program mode. I use my camera in Program mode with no limits to creative control. Keeping the camera in Program mode if I want a specific shutter speed or specific f/stop I set them.

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but in terms of minimizing noise, I find that P works pretty well. I consider P mode a tool in my shop, albeit one I don't use often.


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