Which video mic is best for windy conditions airshow use with dead cat ?

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Which video mic is best for windy conditions airshow use with dead cat ?


My existing Rode video mic N3594 fitted with a decent LONG hair ( 1 inch hairs) dead cat muffler catches side winds and makes for steady videography impossible. Its also sticking out over front of the Sony AX100E 4K full manual control camcorder lens by a massive 5 inches and I see the hairs despite a haircut as the hotshoe is set 4 inches from lens front ! Any further aft and the mic would be through my face anyway.

Its large and cumbersome. No controls apart from Off/On and one click further giving Passive Attenuation device (stops loud sounds damaging mic I am told).

Filming loud bangs at a military re-enactment lost the aura, the full sound, the pzaz of the mortar firing, the explosions, killed it somewhat, so spoiling the effect and the video.

I need to film Merlin engines up close 25ft and so need a better mic. However the Sennheiser 400 has the mic on top of the body and from what I see folk end up with the controls out of reach within the dead-cat.

The Rode Video Mic Pro plus also sits partly above its body and thus the same problem. A cat sleeve needs to cover the mic only as it does on my existing mic. The Rode NTG has a mic out front of the controls, but there is the issue of seeing it if too long. My mic already sits on a block plinth that is necessary to mount a mic as the Sony hotshoe is designed to accept a push down and then slide fwd type hotshoe block mount, stopping any mic from being directly mounted.

I was told by a shop the Pro plus was better, asking why, answer was its newer and it records two tracks one cropped for loud noises, is that left stereo cropped and right stereo not cropped, silly sounding stereo playback if so.

I must capture the full sound , within 25 ft of a Rolls Royce Merlin engine or two, no duff Merlin engine sounds, no duff explosions or gun cracks.

Any side winds must not have a large mic to latch onto and cause camcorder to twist in my hand. It will be hand held.

The horseshoe shape mount of the Rode looks more effective than the internal mount in the Sennheiser.

I also dont want to pick up any spectator noise from my 9 oclock through to 3 oclock via 6 oclock, who does ! ? Kids screaming, shouting, folk talking, airshow videography enemy No 1. and at arena events on a grass embankment standing behind the sat down rows who set camp 10am for the 3 pm event, I dont want sound from below the camcorder.

All reviews seen so far dont deal with such filming of arena events and airshows, more concerned with recording their own narration it seems and not considering noise and muffler issues.


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