Colour checker alterative to tungsten

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Re: Or ?

The Ghost of Caravaggio wrote:

Sourcing a simple tungsten bulb could be the least expensive solution.

I wonder: would a high quality flash gel or filter would produce the appropriate color temperature?

1/8 CTO Converts 5500°K to 4900°K
1/4 CTO Converts 5500°K to 4500°K
1/2 CTO Converts 5500°K to 3800°K
3/4 CTO Converts 5500°K to 3200°K
Full CTO Converts 5500°K to 2900°K

So, you would have to know the flash color temperature and the tungsten color temperature spec for he color checker.

These are also available for LED lights. For all I know there may be LED photo lights one can set to tungsten. These would be expensive if one ha no other need of off-camera supplemental lighting.

Try comparing the spectrum power distribution of any of the above (filtered) sources to tungsten, no fit.

Colour temperature fit is not enough for a successful profile, one needs to match SPD.

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