Longest You've Held on to a Body / System

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Re: Longest You've Held on to a Body / System

Hmm.  I generally don't sell my used camera gear, so some of it has been in my possession for quite a while now.  I still have the Polaroid 103 I got in 1967.  I still have my father's Stereo Realist and my grandfather's Contax rangefinder.

For systems I've used continuously that probably would have to be one of my film cameras.   I used my Yashicamat 124G from about 1995 until I went digital in 2006.  Or the N8008s that I still used somewhat as a second body with an N90s from 1992 to 2006.

Digital hasn't been very long-lived in comparison.   My D300 lasted about 5 years, though the last couple were in a specialized capacity as a wildlife camera alongside a D700.

My D810 has had a longer life in some ways than any other of my DSLR's - because I shot it underwater (4 years) in a Nauticam housing.   Even though I had a D850 for two years, I kept shooting the D810 underwater because the housings cost almost $4000 to replace.  In 2019 I did end up getting a housing for the D850, so the D810 is mostly retired.  (Relegated to 'second shoulder camera'.)

Wait!  I just remembered... my oldest actually-still-used-somewhat camera is my Sony RX100 II.   I bought it in 2015 (for diving), and it is still used as my underwater backup camera.  I'll be taking it diving next week, along with the D850.

So - 14 years for film cameras, 5-6 max for digital.

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