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Klaus dk wrote:

FrancoD wrote:

Most people don't use most things, so it is more interesting to find out why some do rather then why they don't.

Here is a silly example .

I want to know what is the use of saffron.

Now why would I want to hear from the vast majority of people that don't use it ?

Much more usefull to find out from those that do why they do.

BTW, I have neveer used P but I remember liking the idea of P shift when Pentax came out with it and I demonstrated that to a lot of customers. . I do use saffron

I respectfully disagree. If someone don't use saffron because they've experienced an allergic reaction or other unpleasantness, I'd think it is relevant.

I also think it's relevant to hear from people who don't use P mode for whatever reasons they have. I think that the worry some may have of not getting the optimum exposure is relevant, although I personally think it is somewhat overstated,

I think it's misunderstood rather than overstated. I think some people believe that Program mode relinquishes control. Program mode provides just as precise control of the exposure parameters as does manual within the constraint of setting any kind of reasonable exposure. On my camera for example that "reasonable exposure" constraint is a total range of 10 stops +/- which I think is more than "reasonable."

Using the camera in manual you're still bound by the exposure requirements of the sensor and the requirements to render acceptable motion and DOF. Program mode instantly puts you in that ballpark and gives you complete control to then fine-tune the parameters as you see fit.

but never the less it should be taken into consideration by people who wonder if or why P mode is for them.

I think we sometimes forget that in matters of taste and habits, we can't be right or wrong, but we can have our reasons. Sharing those reasons with beginners, making it possible for them to make their own decisions is an act of kindness. Getting at each others' throaths over it, is a lose-lose proposition, IMHO.

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