A point about the DSLR/.vs./MIRRORLESS

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Re: A point about the DSLR/.vs./MIRRORLESS

This is a story about changing trends in lens design. We've seen in the past decade a very strong push towards some very heavily corrected designs that are quite simply bigger.

The real comparable lenses to the traditional 50mm so far to have shown up in mirrorless are the 40mm f2 in Nikon and Canon's 50mm f1.8. Nikon's mirrorless 50/1.8, like Sony's 55mm, is more of a response to the very highly corrected f1.4 models from several manufacturers, except in Nikon's case not quite as big and certainly not as expensive.

Can they do normal size lenses in mirrorless? The 40/2, 28/2.8 and both the f4 and f2.8 24-70 zooms would suggest the answer is definitely "yes" and the good news is all four of these seem to operate on the very high end (or in the case of the 24-70/2.8 above the very high end) of what their DSLR counterparts can achieve. (We know in the case of the zooms; we'll have to go on MTF charts for a few more weeks with the two primes)

So, can this be done on DSLR? I'd say the evidence is that in most (though not all) cases the answer there is also yes. Tamron's 35mm f1.4 is better than anything on mirrorless that I can see. It's also as big as its very biggest mirrorless competitors, taking filters a full 20mm bigger in diameter than Nikon's manual focus 35/1.4.

But there are situations where they're clearly not going to be able to equal large-mount mirrorless cameras in DSLR. Take mid-range zooms, where to get into simply the mainstream standard of mirrorless territory for performance you have to go to something truly enormous like Nikon's 24-70VR. The signs in wide-angle zooms also look inherently good for mirrorless, and we'll see about mirrorless ultra wide primes -- this Canon 16/2.8 that's the size, form factor and appearance of a typical 24/2.8 but works on full-frame as well as crop looks very interesting.

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