Interest in a compact Z - FF or APS-C?

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Will probably be a Zf-full frame - my suggestion:

YetAnotherUnsername wrote:

With the 40mm and 28mm primes both announced, I find myself wondering if there could be space for some compact Nikon Z bodies to rival the likes of Fuji, Sony's a7c, etc.

Obviously, we've got the Zfc but I know I would be heavily tempted by an FF range finder body along the lines of the Fuji X-Pro series or anything a little more compact to pair with the Z6.

I may go for the Zfc with the 28mm f2.8 at some point but I would love a compact FF body to go with the 40mm f2 with the 85mm f1.8 on the Z6.

That idea is capturing my imagination as the ideal street kit but I'm interested in what other Z shooters think along the lines of compact Z bodies and primes.


The most logical would be a Zf-full frame, built on Z5. It could be gripless, with a optional grip that would look a bit like the MD-12 motor but flatter, adding  a centimeter or so to the bottom. With the grip the weight would be like a Z5 (690 g), without it it would be like an original FM (590 g).

Combine it with AI-styled versions of the 40 2.0 (besides the 28) and maybe a few more lenses in that style, lightweight, affordable. A 100 2.8 and a 20 3.5 comes to mind (because of the compactness).

Add "A" to the dials for shutter speed and ISO, simplify the AF-options so the camera is easy to use. Make a few picture styles that emulates classic films.

If they price it like the Z5,  and the lenses like the 28/40, it could be a real hit.

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