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Re: Program mode , when and why using it ?

FrancoD wrote:

There are different types of Programme , depending on the brand and model.

Some have a Programme shift so that you can change either the shutter speed or the aperture and the P will adjust the other for you.

Yes I am aware of that. I mentioned Program Shift in my previous post.

So lets say the camera has selected 1/250th at f/8 but you want a higher speed, dial in ,say 1/500 and the camera will open up the aperture accordingly. (f 5.6)

That is a good example why P mode mostly does not work for me because at f/5.6 the dof is no longer what I wanted if f/8 gave the dof I want. P mode on its own has no idea what my dof and blur requirements are.

So, if I knew I wanted f/8 and 1/500s shutter speed then it would be quicker and easier for me to just lock them in directly using manual mode instead of fiddling with Program Shift and most likely not find the combination of aperture and shutter speed to optimise the exposure for minimal visible noise within the dof and blur requirements, would it not?

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