OT: Binoculars for birds?

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Re: Image stabilisation

cba_melbourne wrote:

Also, as we get older, say past 50's, handshake increases. We are better off buying an image stabilized binocular with a smaller exit pupil, than a very bright and heavy binocular like 7x50's whose light gathering capabilities are wasted on our old eyes.

I would partly agree with you.  My eyes are old enough that I cannot use the full light-gathering power of 7mm exit pupils, or even the 6mm exit pupils of my 7x42 binocs.

However, there is another advantage of large exit pupils for older users.  A large exit pupil is much easier to align with the eye's pupil.  That is a major reason for 7x50 being recommended for marine use.

I wear glasses and I find that large exit pupil binocs are easier to align with my eyes.  If I take off my glasses, then it is possible to brace the eyecups against my eye sockets, but then I lose the correction of my glasses.

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