DTP20 with X-Rite Pulse Color Elite on a Win 10 64 bit system.

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Re: That is what Steve did........

s and not others? The chart print size is very critical. You need to make sure that it is printed at the native size or there will be scanning issues. Also the DTP20 scan swiping speed is also a factor.

I'll double check the print size. I've been printing with the Adobe Color Printer Utility to print with no profile for the test images.  I thought it may be an ink density issue.

I also have I an I1PRO and prefer the DTP20 for it's ease in scanning over the I1PRO. You just need to tap the DTP20 button once to scan each row, with the I1PRO you need to hold the button down continuously for each row scan and it gets tiresome when doing many different papers with max patches.

Bob P.

Talk about learning something new everyday.  I've held the button until I got to the end of the row.   I've done it so long that way it may be hard to stop!

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