90D focus bracketing with 3rd party lenses?

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Re: 90D focus bracketing with 3rd party lenses?

Sue Anne Rush wrote:


Sandhurst wrote:

Has anyone any experience at focus bracketing with 3rd party lenses like the Tamron 90mm or Sigma 105mm macro lenses?

I have a few Sigma lens that works on my 7D and various digitals.

I didn't know that an old 7D could do automatic focus bracketing ? AFAIK the 90D is one of (if not) the only Canon APS-C DSLRs that does focus bracketing - 70D & 80D certainly didn't.

Just wondered if the feature worked as only Canon lenses were included on the compatability chart Canon released.

It would be great if the feature worked on 3rd party lenses as not everyone has the budget for Canon's 100mm IS macro lens.

If you save up for it - a great lens. IMHO

Agreed - a good lens. I bought mine second hand (pristine condition, box, pouch & hood included, 3 years old) in Australia last year for the equivalent of US$350, so not that costly if the OP looks around for a good second hand one.

TIA for your assistance and contribution.


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