Recommended Cameras & Lens for Still-Life Photography

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Re: Recommended Cameras & Lens for Still-Life Photography

TaylorTaylor wrote:

Hello all,

I new to Still-Life, and photography in general. My plans are to take still-life photos of firearms, so I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for the right cameras and lens. Thanks!

The camera matters much less than the lens for this, but you can get away with a lot with even a kit lens for what you want to do, since you can use a tripod, f8-11, iso 100, etc. basically any camera for sale today with its kit lens will be able to produce great results in that situation.

as far as lens selection goes, if you want to up the game a little, a good 24-70 or 70-200 f2.8 (or f4, since you won’t really need the extra light) will give you good quality and versatility. Which one you choose depends on where you’re shooting and how much room you have. Unless you’re only doing handguns, using a wider angle will probably be necessary to get the whole gun in frame (from a reasonable distance). However, if distance isn’t an issue, you could compress the shot more with the 70-200 and eliminate more of the backdrop.  At a point, though, it comes down to personal preference.

i shoot canon/Fuji (mostly canon), so if I were to pick something up today to just shoot still life, I’d get a used 5d mark ii or iii with a 24-105 f/4. I’d also get a tripod and a few led studio lights/strobes/flashes with a transmitter to use off camera (if I were doing it with the intention of selling/making money/doing it as a service)

if I wanted to go cheaper because I was just doing it for myself, I’d just pick up a crop sensor canon dslr (probably 60d or newer) with a kit lens (18-55 or whatever) and a tripod.

if you look at some camera brands and like one over the other for whatever superficial reason, get that one. The differences will be minuscule for what you’re doing. (I shoot fuji almost purely for their aesthetic)

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