Apple's CPU choices for the iPads

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wklee wrote:

Apple now has for iPhones, the A15 CPU for iPhone 13, which includes iPhone 13 mini, A14 CPU for iPhone 12 which includes iPhone 12 mini, A13 CPU for iPhone 11and SE 2020. The 4.7" SE is the "smallest" iPhone. That's 3 "mini" iPhones?

Apple – iPhone 13 mini vs. iPhone 12 mini vs. iPhone SE (2nd generation)

The 12 and 13 mini have different capacity options.  If you look at the starting prices for the overlapping options (128 GB, 256 GB), the 13 mini is $50 more than the 12 mini.  The improvements are small, but probably worth the $50.  If you must have a phone today, the 12s are already out, but the 13s will only be available starting next week.

The SE (2nd generation) costs 57% as much as a base iPhone 13 mini.  The SE is a budget iPhone, and its features (CPU, cameras, video recording, no 5G, no MagSafe) reflect that.

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