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Re: No more GAS! - for now

m1964 wrote:

Since last year I have been reading the Z forum, checking B&H website for prices on bodies and kits and even went to the store to check Z cameras "in person".

I left the store with mixed feelings- on one hand, I wanted to get a new camera/lens, on the other hand, I felt that I did not need it, esp. considering that there was, effectively, no travel.

I also felt that the amount of money I would need to spend was not justifiable.

My desire for a new ML camera was driven by reduction in weight comparing to my D7100/16-80mm combo.

However, after comparing all the specs, including max aperture of the Z zoom lenses, I felt that I have "more than enough" camera. (I do not do videos, only photos).

So, browsing the Z forum, I came across a post containing a link to this article by Tom Hogan in which he recommends D500 w/ 16-80mm+ 70-300mm as a compact travel kit.

I have both lenses, but use the 16-80mm the most.

I am writing this post so other users like me would have a chance to read Tom's article before they spend a couple of $Ks for an upgrade from which they may not benefit enough to justify the money spent.

C’mon, you know you want a new Z. Using a Z body particularly with a Z lens is a revelation in many cases. I didn’t shoot video either, but now that extremely high quality results can be delivered straight from the camera with such ease, I’ve been drawn to the system even more. I have the kit you mentioned, but in many cases, the Z system adds many layers of refinement, ease and joy to the process.

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