Reasons to switch from Sony Rx10 iv to Olympus OM-D

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Robbob67 wrote:

As well as the RX10 iv, I also have a Lumix Lx100 for low light photography, mainly for taking out with me in the evening or other times when I don't want to carry the weight of the RX10. On paper I thought they would compliment each other perfectly.

In many ways they do, but the problem for me is that being 68 years old and not getting any younger, my memory is not that great, and switching between two different manufacturers with different user interfaces and menu systems is becoming confusing and preventing me from getting the best out of each camera. This is what first got me thinking about changing ro an interchangeable lens system, and studying reviews led me to the OM m43 range.

How much easier it would be to simply put a smaller, lighter lens on the body when appropriate, or one day even swap between an EM1 and EM 5 body.

Also, I have just discovered that since having the RX10 only 6% of my keepers are over 200mm eq focal length, 77% are between 24-80, and 28% are actually taken at 24mm, suggesting that if I could go wider I would. That would open up a whole new are of photography for me.

So in summary, I am carrying around with me a lot of heavy lens length that rarely gets used, so it feels like a bit of a no brainer to me now.

In hindsight I probably should have gone for a system camera a long time ago, but I guess I have just blindly gone for Jack of all trades camera pretty much since turning to digital. My previous three cameras were all Lumix FZs.

If you want to stay within one system/manufacturer why not go for one of the Sony RX100s with the 24-70 lens? I know it just overlaps the lower end of your RX10, but it is a bit faster at the wide end. It's the same menus etc. so you keep the similarity and of course its much smaller.

I've often thought the pairing of an RX10 and RX100 could meet the photography needs of the vast majority of people.

One thing I'll mention is that the Olympus menu system is horrid and even after owning many Oly cameras over more than a decade I still have a hard time finding settings. I shoot Canon, Panasonic and Olympus cameras and I can pickup a Canon or Panasonic camera after not using them for a while and change settings with ease. The Olympus cameras always frustrate me. It is the last brand I'd recommend as far as being easy to setup and change settings, especially if not used regularly.

No doubt an interchangeable lens system offer more choices but in a way that can be a curse to. There's always another lens you want to try and of course changing lenses frequently is a pain.

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