Olympus EM1 MKii vs Nikon Z

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Thanks Ken. Fantastic info!!

I'd be careful with some of the false info being put forth here, especially the incorrect comparison of other format lenses with m43. Too much to get into here, but read this article to know how to compare different formats correctly.

Equivalence is useful if you have any interest in light (and as a photographer, you probably should): Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)

Care to point out what in my post contradicts anything in the link you provided?

I didn't reference you at all. Anything that seems that way was unintentional I assure you.

Got it! No worries, the way both quoting and the differences between Flat and Threaded views work on DPR it can sometimes be difficult to follow what all is being referred to. Thanks for taking the time to respond so politely.

Yeah, I probably put my post in the wrong location. I was just replying to the OPs last post so I can see how it may look to you or others.

Just pointing out to the OP that this place isn't exactly the place to go for unbiased opinions (especially in regards to format comparisons) and that he should use facts when comparing 2 different formats (which are rather well aid ouit in the referenced article). He's much better off reading that article and making up his own mind. That's all there is to it.

100% agree. And providing the reference article on equivalence is excellent since myself and others posted just assuming the OP was familiar with the concept which may be a bad assumption. Thanks for posting that link.

Honestly it seems very few people know how to compare across formats. Myself, even being a hobby photographer for many decaes, and even using different size formats in the film era, I really didn't really think about it much. It didn't used to matter much as 99% of people shot the same thing (35mm film). Now it is more important to know but it still seems like voodoo or something to many. That's why I referenced the article.  It just gets to the facts and leaves out the many 'opinions' that proliferate here on the subject.

I also said he's got a shot at some nice gear (which I also own most of) and he should go for it if the price was right. Just didn't want him to think m43 was the only option if that particular deal didn't work out.

Yep, again agree. And he should be careful in setting expectations on any switch he makes to any system as my understanding is the D7200 he already has is no slouch to begin with.

There's no law against using a DSLR contrary to many beliefs

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