Olympus EM1 MKii vs Nikon Z

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Thanks Ken. Fantastic info!!

I'd be careful with some of the false info being put forth here, especially the incorrect comparison of other format lenses with m43. Too much to get into here, but read this article to know how to compare different formats correctly.

Equivalence is useful if you have any interest in light (and as a photographer, you probably should): Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)

Lots of bad info in that area on this forum.

Here's my take from someone who shoots both m43 and FF mirrorless (in my Case Canon).

The m43 setup you have a chance to buy is a good one. I have the 12-40 and 40-150 and they are good lenses generally, especially the 40-150. The 7-14 is generally well regarded as well (I have the Pl 8-18 instead).

If you can get that setup at a good price, (I'd say an absolute minimum of 30-40% less than new) then its probably a good deal and worth persuing. If its anywwhere near new prices then I'd think real hard about going for the Z system and also looking at Sony and Canon.

The truth is every manufacturer out there can come up with a sytem that meets your needs. I could come up with lots of good FF mirrorless alternatives that make a lot of sense for you if you don't intend to buy the setup you mentioned. If you have an opportunity to get good gear at a very good price then go for it. If not, I'd research more and ask questions on other forums to get a less biased viewpoint (or maybe just a viewpoint biased to something else but hey 2 differnet biased viewpoints are better than one).

kenw's post is probably the most balanced, fair and well-rounded response one could expect. You will get bias/hyperbole/cherry picking in every forum but I can't find fault with kenw's comparison.

In jwilliam's defense the one thing I can imagine is that he didn't understand (or I didn't write clearly enough) that I'm answering the question in the context of the FF system the OP was asking about - Nikon Z.

More generally across mirrorless FF systems there are slower and more compact telephoto options still with good IQ that are thus more "equivalent" to something like the 40-150/2.8 + 2x. For example if we go to the Canon RF lineup instead:

We get something a fair bit closer. Now that's only 500mm but with a higher resolution body we can crop a bit to get the 600mm equivalent. And it's still an equivalently faster lens so we still expect it to be a bit bigger as it is. But it is much less of a size difference than what we have available on the Nikon Z roadmap simply because Nikon does not at this time have the same slow choices that Canon is sort of pioneering in the FF space.

More broadly the issue is that in general m43 has a number of high quality telephoto optics that are "equivalently slow" such that they can be fairly compact. You could probably build such on the FF system, and Canon has been giving some examples of that, but there aren't that many choices. That's why a lot of telephoto folks actually use APS-C bodies both in the Nikon and Canon DSLR space. There's what is possible, that is we could build all sorts of equivalently performing and thus equivalently sized lenses for different systems, and then there's what's actually available in the market...

Yep. That's what I was really trying to get thru to the OP. I avoided any particular camera/lens combos or even brands in particular as that just seems to start too many arguements.

Hopefully he can get a good price on the referenced m43 gear. If not, then just make the best similar setup using the different brands/formats and see what one you like the best that is within your budget. The problem is often people really don't know how to do cross format comparisons and this forum overall is not helpful in that area.

I really just hope the OP can get a good setup that meets hid needs at a good cost. In the end the name printed on the gear matters not one bit (at least to me).

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