DTP20 with X-Rite Pulse Color Elite on a Win 10 64 bit system.

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Petruska Veteran Member • Posts: 9,143
Steve, is up and running fine.........

he is scanning targets right now.

I agree that the ColorMunki is a better buy right now.

For others reading this The Pulse Color Elite DTP20 scanner is getting old and many won't calibrate anymore.  If you buy a total kit with the DTP20 for printer ICC profiles, it also comes with a DTP92 for monitor calibration, scanning guide/table, charger, I would not pay anymore than $25-30 for the kit, and have a seller that accepts returns if it doesn't calibrate.   The plus side of the Pulse system is that it makes the same great quality printer ICC profiles as the Xrite  I1PRO ($1K+), I have proved this by comparing 30K color points from both profiles using ColorThink Pro with the DeltaE's very low indeed.  There is also the hassle with making it work Win 10, but it is doable.....

Bob P.

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