Iphone 13 - Apple disappoint every year 🤮

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Re: Iphone 13 - Apple disappoint every year 🤮

bloodlmt wrote:

The Vivo X60 Pro+ has excellent video quality and insane video stabilization.

However, do we know whether the jpeg of vivo x60 pro+/x70 pro plus does oversharpened like the iPhone or not? As for oversaturation of color, you can turn of the AI and the color will become more natural.

Anyone with the latest Vivo flagship please share some full-size jpeg.

The video on the X60 series isn't actually very good for a few reasons. In this video you can see one of those reasons, the dynamic range. Videos from the X60 series have limited dynamic range and as a result and shadows are crushed. If you like and can work with this style, good, but you need to be aware that this limitation is there.
Other thing is that you can't freely change zoom levels like in other phones.

As for the photos... it's one of the top cameras, but the Plus model with it's bigger sensor and larger aperture than the Pro model (and the X50 series) it's noticeable less sharper. The processing/IQ is good, better than the iPhones but still far from the Huaweis. Just goo to Flickr and see some galleries.

Mostly day: https://www.flickr.com/photos/190318884@N02/albums/72157718879824880/
Mostly night: https://www.flickr.com/photos/192878982@N02/albums/72157719056912768/page3/

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