Are the 16-80 issues gone now?

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Re: Are the 16-80 issues gone now?

Okay since nobody wants to talk about video and everyone goes on and on how this video is great for photos, here is some realism on video part.

No amount of software updates will take away the focus wobble, it is a tradeoff that fuji made in the lens design department.

It has the same wobble, that the 18-135 and the 70-300 has, so no zooming while taking a video, if you don't want the camera to completely loose focus. You can use manual focus to somewhat balance it, the wobble is still there, but atleast you will have an infocus video after the wobble has ended.

You can still use the lens for video, if you use it as a "bag of primes", but sadly fuji autofocus has some kind of a problem with zooming while recording video and completely stops working for several seconds, most frustratingly the autofocus works fine before starting the recording.

The only fuji zoom lenses that don't have that wobble and are usable in video making in that sense are the 18-55, 16-55 and the 10-24.

Maybe that's why fuji is bringing out the video oriented 18-120 F4.

If you get a good copy of Fuji 18-55 and lock it at F4, that is your best bet for cheap video zoom lens for video currently.

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